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LifePlans works with health insurers and health plans as well as providers to implement innovative risk management solutions designed to improve quality and cost outcomes, proactively target members for specific interventions, quantify the impact of such interventions, and improve STAR ratings.

This is done through the deployment of our national clinical networks that enable us to obtain actionable clinical data on members, and allow health insurers, plans and providers to more efficiently allocate limited resources to achieve business goals.

Improve performance:

Obtain actionable clinical data:

  • Proactive targeting of members for specific interventions and to quantify the impact of such interventions
  • Objective identification of new diagnoses to discover unknown conditions
  • Proprietary research to address strategic business and clinical challenges

Expand current resources:

Our highly experienced and well respected team of industry veterans delivers results that meet the needs of your members while helping you achieve your business goals:

  • Insight into member health status results in accurate premium levels, benefits, claim management, prevention programs and lower costs of providing care
  • Lower rates of readmissions and accidents
  • Proper use of medication and improved self-care strategies
  • Better health outcomes mean more satisfied members which result in higher STAR ratings, higher bonus payments, and better brand reputation

Learn how LifePlans can help you deliver better health and business outcomes. Please contact:

Marc Cohen
Chief Research and Development Officer